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This single run limited edition Fart Pedal is inspired by one of our favorite artists to use The Fart Pedal: MonoNeon!

The MonoNeon edition is decorated with the pattern of one of his iconic outfits. It's loaded up with a whole new set of MonoNeon-inspired fart noises - custom crafted juicy sploots and stanky bompers.

Each pedal is sealed in a delightful Tub o' Tasty Beans, featuring scandalous panoramic artwork by Noah Ginex. See MonoNeon blast a wave of beans from his butt, into the hungry mouths of his adoring fans. Each can will be numbered, so you know which of the 250 MonoNeon Fart Pedals you snagged.

The Fart Pedal: MonoNeon Edition includes:

- One (1) MonoNeon Edition Fart Pedal

- One (1) Can O' Beans packaging (numbered)

- One (1) 4" MonoNeon sticker

Special Note:

The Fart Pedal MonoNeon Edition comes sealed in an aluminum can - you will need a can opener to get it out!

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