$149.00 USD

The Li'l Tooter is a small guitar effects pedal that packs a farty wallop!

The Li'l Tooter is The Fart Pedal's little brother. It's loaded with 30 high quality bespoke fart sound effects, which trigger randomly as you pluck your strings. Its small form factor and value pricing mean it can find a home on any pedal board, and its colorful custom artwork will attract as much attention as its juicy sploots. 

The Li'l Tooter must be powered by a standard 9V power supply. Controls include a foot switch, and a knob to control the output level of the bodacious butt bombs.

The Li'l Tooter includes:

- One (1) Li'l Tooter guitar pedal

- One (1) 4" Fart Pedal logo decal

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