$250.00 USD

The Fart Pedal Special Edition comes packaged in a sealed aluminum Can o' Beans! Each of the 250 Special Edition pedals comes numbered and signed with a certificate of authenticity, and is sealed in beautiful can o' beans packaging.

Only 250 Special Editions were produced, with most of them being claimed in our initial Kickstarter. Due to a few pledge cancellations, a handful remain!

The Fart Pedal Special Edition includes:

- One (1) Fart Pedal (signed and numbered)

- One (1) Certificate of Authenticity (signed and numbered)

- One (1) Can O' Beans packaging (numbered)

- One (1) Fart Pedal guitar pick

- One (1) 4" Fart Pedal logo decal

- Three (3) Re-stickable fakeout decals so you can sneak The Fart Pedal onto your friend's pedal board

Special Note:

The Fart Pedal Special Edition comes sealed in an aluminum can - you will need a can opener to get it out!

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