Customize your Fart Pedal with these special audio packs!

Did you know that The Fart Pedal is completely customizable? You can load it up with your very own sound effects, or use one of the fun libraries we have available for download right here.

Naming Convention
Files are named using a special convention corresponding to the position of the wet / dry switch.

Wet: T00RAND#.ogg

Neutral: T01RAND#.ogg

Dry: T02RAND#.ogg

The #-sign must be replaced with a number, 0-9. The Fart Pedal support up to 10 files in each switch position.

Download these ready-made Fart Pedal audio packs!

The Fart Pedal - Classic Fart Pack
This is the original set of farts that ships with The Fart Pedal.

The Fart Pedal - MonoNeon Fart Pack
This is a new set of farts curated by artist MonoNeon. It comes installed on The MonoNeon Signature Fart Pedal.

The Fart Pedal - Super Pack
This super pack presents 30 of the best farts from both collections - 10 in each switch position (wet / normal / dry).

The Fart Pedal - Lumpy Dumpers
This is a super cool pack that makes your guitar say the phrase "Lumpy Dumpers."