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The Fart Pedal is back for Black Friday in this very special and limited BLACK edition. It's still the same old Fart Pedal, turning your guitar noises into fart noises - but this version is powder coated in a beautiful matte black, and packaged in a very limited black and green version of the Tasty Tub o' Beans.

This is a limited run of 100 pedals. Each pedal comes in a limited edition NUMBERED can.

The Fart Pedal is loaded with high quality bespoke fart sound effects created by an award-winning sound design company based out of Chicago. These tantalizing toots have been custom tailored for your guitar's amplifier, and enhanced for live performance.

With a wet and dry toggle and output control, you can blast out honkers that take your performances to new heights. The Fart Pedal is a must-have on any serious guitar player's pedal board.

The Fart Pedal - Black Edition includes:

- One (1) Fart Pedal - Black Edition

- One (1) Fart Pedal - Black Edition guitar pick

- One (1) numbered Tasty Tub o' Beans - Black Edition. You will need a can opener to open up your Fart Pedal packaging!

- One (1) 4" Fart Pedal logo decal

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